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Whats up, kids--

So like I said last entry, I've been spending my summer with :iconscottefresh: interning at Nickelodeon Animation Studios in Burbank, California.  Totally horizon-broadening experience, dude.  Now I'm totally pumped to take down my last semester at Kendall College of Art and Design.

Aside from that--I'll be hitting up Ireland, one of the homelands, a few days after I get back to Grand Rapids. . . and a few friends have been lighting a fire under my ass to get some work posted on my page.

So here it is-- I'm gonna start posting a load of pages ripped outta my sketch books from theses last months.  I feel like only having sketches up isn't ideal, but I guess that's better than nothing.  I will, however be concentrating my portfolio and thesis classes around character design.  So in the distance I can promise some solid finished pieces.



P S--:iconsharpwriter: is having a jam this coming week.  Check out his page if you wanna get down.

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hey everyone,

been awhile, eh?  well i'm in burbank, california for the summer interning at nickelodeon animation studios.  it's a totally sweet experience, aside from the homesickness. luckily :iconscottefresh: is rooming and interning along side me.

i also need to throw this out there.  if you haven't seen NAWLZ yet, you gotta check it out--it's an interactive comic with a crazy concept.

check ya later,


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so this is how it goes, i guess...

i'll update this whenever i have a piece that i like enough, and have time enough to post.  most of it will probably be school work or doodles.

so umm, yeah...thats all i got
ive been out of comission for awhile now.  ever since school ended i wanted nothing to do with drawing. heh, guess art school'll do that shit to you.  

anyways, i have been published in the league of sequential storytellers comicbook.  im not too thrilled with my entry, but oh well, its a start.  

right now im working on a seven deadly sins series.  as of right now i have gluttony, lust, and a bit of greed done. . .but i have a long way to go.  hopefully they will all be done by august so i can have them on display at wizard world, which brings me to my next point.

wizard world is aug 4-7 and i have a booth with my school.  thats fucking awesome.  i will get a sketch from adam hughs, theres no way around it.  anyways. . .

i'll try to get my 7 deadly sins up ASAP and maybe ill post my published work, even tho i hate it.  

I am worth $14,825,075.86 for one night of wild lovin'!  How much are you worth?
Get my worth
school starts back up tomorrow. . .

that slurps a donkey's anus.  oh well, itll be good to see everyone again.  im taking better classes this semester too.  life drawing, drawing ii, 3d design, art history ii, and public speaking.

on another note, 1700 hits, not too shabby in my book...i dont have half the talent of some of the big names on devart.

sorry for the lack of updates

catch y'all lata


     so ive been on break for a week now, and it rocks my world.  i earned this shit.  so yeah, im workin on my valkyrie character and i should have some work of her up in a week or so.  also, my friend scott just joined deviant art, and his shit is badass.  check him out. . .


scott's site

   i got four more days of class.  so all i gotsta do is turn in my finals and im on break til the second week of january.  hopefully i can throw out some work during break.  im workin on a character for a comic club at kendall, ill try and get some concept drawings of her up soon. well catch ya around.

goddamn. . .

    school's been a bitch lately.  i've had zero time for socialization.  im going out once a weekend.  the rest of the time is spent doing homework.  whoever blows art school off like its nothing, fuck you! its a bitch.  i just finished a landscape painting, now i have to do a black paper drawing of glass, metallic and white objects.  then on tuesday i have a 5-page paper comparing renaissance artwork and 6 collages each emphasizing one aspect of 2 dimensional design due.  i havent had any time for recreational drawing.  thats why that fuckin ninja turtle is my most recent post.  yarg! well instead of continuing to bitch, im gonna eat some white cheddar cheez-its and listen to christmas music.  all i know is that i've earned the fuck outta this upcoming christmas break.

stressed out and loving it- TRS

   i havent been updating too much lately, schools been rough in the homework department.  but i got 19 days left in my semester, and five weeks for winter break so i'll definitely be puttin out some stuff during break.  

   otherwise, me and a few buddies i have at school started this weekly drawing thing.  each week we pick a new character to totally redo and make our own renditions of.  the results for all of us have turned out pretty badass.  so once i get the chance, ill finish em, scan em, and upload.  otherwise i gotta worry about finishing out the semster

  peace, TRS